What should i do?

We're late for the rent and my mom doesn't get her disability check until next month

I was thinking about sneaking and doing research test at clinic for money but my mom said don't do it because it'll mess up my skin?

What should I do

Best Answer:

tro: it is not likely the tests will be harmful
you do what you have to do

Other answer:

Most rents are several hundred dollars. I don't think you're going to cough up $600 – $1000 just by doing some kind of medical testing.
Stop worrying, you're not the adult here, she is.
Do some odd jobs for money. You can do baby sitting, house cleaning, yard cleaning, elderly help, running errands. You dont have to sneak and if you are under 18 you cannot go to a clinic. They dont want minors and dont pay immediately.
military supporter:
Better than losing your apartment. And better than selling drugs.
Your question makes no sense. Either you are very young or someone who doesn't speak English well.
get a job?
collect cans and sell them the the recycle place?
mow someone's grass for some money?
Fetch someone's groceries for some money?
Get a job and live a bit more frugally. Or find a less expensive place to live.
You can go pawn some stuff and then get it back at a later date…Maybe that electronic you're on right now lol
you can get a job. They pay money on a regular reliable basis.

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