What time should i receive my direct despoit paycheck in the bank?

This would be my first direct deposit. My first check for this job was an actual check but after that they wanted us to use direct deposit. I havent seen my paycheck and it is 8:42am

I have a bank that is only in the NYC (New York Community Bank) area i dont have a company like TD, Chase or Bank of America

Best Answer:

Archiecomicxfan215: When my payday is on the 25th, my direct deposit shows up in my account between 2 am and 3 am on pay day. If your direct deposit has not been deposited into your account at 8:42 am, it's not going to today. Call your company's payroll department to find out what's going on.

Other answer:

Most entries appear after midnight. Some deposits take 3-5 days to clear.
Roger K:
We cannot tell you.
You should ask your company how long it may take for the first time to get the check deposited.

It does not matter who your bank is or what size it is.

Once the first one is completed, you should get all future ones on the payday.

I've found that it is not good to obsess over these things, it will drive you nuts. I assume it will be after the bank opens for business. Don't panic, you should have some paper saying that you are owed a paycheck. Since it is the first time, it may have some kinks. I have DD and in 10 years there was only one problem. It was easily fixed.

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