When will Wells Fargo charge overdraft fees?

I'm currently overdrawn on my account, and I have some more things pending, I'm going to put in some cash today to cover everything, will I still get hit with overdraft fees for all the things that were pending even though I put cash in today?

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Penelope: Since both charges are equally separated, the magnitude of their force on the charge at the origin is the same:

|F12| = kq1*q2/r^2 = 9×01^9*(2×10^-6)^2/(2)^2 = 9×10^-3 N

But one force acts in the x-direction and the other acts in the y direction so the resulitng vector (force is a vector) points along a line 45 degrees between the forces from the two charges. Since the two forces from the charges are at right angles, the resulting force forms the hypotenus of a right triangle. So its magnitude is given by:

|F| = sqrt( |F12|^2 | F13|^2) = sqrt( 2*|F12|^2) = sqrt(2)*|F12| since |F12| = |F13|

(Both charges are the same size and equally distant from the charge at the origin)

So |F| = sqrt(2)*9×10^-3 N = 1.27×10^-2 N —> B is the correct answer

Other answer:

A few years back, I worked at a wells fargo, and you would not get charged for items that were still pending (check your online statement). If things have already cleared your account, then you will be charged for those, but ocassionally, the bank will remove the charges if you have a good account history. Talk to a cust. service rep, and they may be willing to help you out. I find this works more often when you go into one of your local branches, rather than over the phone. Good luck to you!
If they post before the money shows in your account they will charge you for each one. My son in law did that and got charged $175.00 in one day.
Love big words:
$39 a day

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