Where can i borrow money for 3 months from, cheapest?

I need to borrow £1,000, i'm in the UK and a student. I don't want to pay interest but i have no choice i guess and i desperately need the moneyany idea?

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Clive: There's no way you will get away without paying interest. I assume you have a bank account – the cheapest is a bank loan for a specific purpose, or failing that, ask to be allowed £1,000 overdraft. Going anywhere else will result in paying more interest than on an overdraft.

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Why are your family members "Selfish bitches" because they won't help you with your shitty financial planning?

You don't have a job, and therefor have no proof that you can pay back any loan. Your choices are to get a job and work real hard as often as you can, or go without whatever is going to cost you $1000

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Casey Y:
Without a job, how could you possibly repay ANY loan?? Answer me that question…

Anyone loaning money wants to see that you will, at the very least, have the ability to repay it.

Take all your electronics to a pawn shop.
Try your bank.
Kathy S:
Your mom.
meaningful questions, thank you

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