Where have you had the worst customer service ever?

restaurant, department store, airline, etc?

Best Answer:

Jamie: Computer repair shop. They lost my hard drive and the owner spent two weeks lying to me about it before he fessed up.

I've had some pretty unpleasant experiences trying to purchase pre-owned vehicles from dealerships too.

Other answer:

A seller on ebay was a trader, buying computer hard drives in bulk and selling individually and had about 20 products listed with reasonable stock of each.

They had tagged a product with a false condition so it came up on searches among the right things that I wanted. This was only apparent when the product arrived. It was useless to me.

They refused to accept a return even though I have that right under UK and EU law even if the product had nothing wrong with it. The law applies does not apply to auctions but this was not an auction item. It was straight sale. There was no bidding involved.

Ebay, allowed me to lodge a complaint but closed it the moment the seller said 'No'

OK, maybe its not the worst customer service but is is the most recent.
It has put me off using ebay where traders can maintain their anonymity and avoid their legal obligations.

Public school and where I willingly went? …..This restaurant called The Godfather Pizza on El Cajon BLVD in San Diego, CA.

So I had a friend tell me they were pretty good. I just got my taxes and thought, lets go to an expensive Italian place. I go and they charged me like $30 for a bowl of spaghetti and $40 for a piece of Terra Masou cake. I ended up spending abuot $90 for barely any food and they didn't even bother to ask me if I wanted anything else.

They had good tasting Bolognese pasta but for that price they should have given me a back rub and a free bottle of wine.

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Pontiac / General Motors.
Waddell & Reed – I had to call them daily, I would call, put the phone down and go to lunch, still be on hold when I got back.

They wrongly charged for duplicate debit card, wrongly closed a/c (without my permission) & took 3 months to transfer a/c

Wells Fargo.

I call them Hells F*cku.

Love big words:
American Airlines

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