Where's my account number on my bank of america debit card?

i'm trying to retrieve my account username on the bankofamerica website but i'm not sure where my account number is on my debit card i know it's 8 numbers long but that's about it.

Best Answer:

Sue: Your account number is not on your debit card for safety reasons. You can find your checking account number at the bottom of your paper check if you have any. It it the second set of numbers.

Other answer:

try 16 digits, on the front of the card
There are two separate numbers: the one embossed on your card, which is the one that merchants see, and your account number, which is only seen by you and your bank. While your card number can change over time (such as getting a replacement card after your current one is lost), but the account number rarely changes.

Your account number should be on your bill.

my 2 cents:
Your account number is not on your debit card

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