Why do some people value money over everything else? They would rather work 12 hours a day and be rich than be happy?

I don't understand people like this. They suffer health problems due to stress from working so much, but they keep working more and more just to make more money, even when they have enough money

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Anonymous: it could be that working is what makes them happy and you cannot possible judge what amount of money is enough for someone else

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Everything in this sad world revolves around money.
So, kind of biased. I'm one of those worker bee types. But maybe I can provide some perspective. What makes you assume that we're all unhappy, stressed out, or killing ourselves? I mean, sure, some people are like that, but those people are usually working long hours temporarily and/or not by choice. There are people out there- like myself, like my husband- who choose to work long hours for whatever reason. Sometimes because we truly enjoy the work.

Some of us view money and time differently than you might. To me, money is a tool and time is extremely valuable. My work, though enjoyable, is a means to an end. Working more now when I'm young and have energy means working less later, when I'm old and tired. I plan to retire by 37. So, yes, I'm averaging 70 hours a week now. Over ten years, that's around 36,000 hours. But if I averaged 40 hours a week over 50 years? That's over 100,000 hours that you'll never get back. My extra work is an investment. I'm buying freedom.

To remain active. Better to work & earn some money
Having money is better than not. It may not buy happiness but, it's easier to be happy when you can pay a mortgage. Life expectancy of the affluent is longer than the poor, as well.

And most people can manage to hold a job and not flirt with mental collapse.

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Because they're fools.

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