Why is my electric bill is zero dollars?

Im always paying my bills online. And already 2nd month I'm checking my electric account and it shows $0. I leave in the high rise. Should I be worried? Did anybody else had a similar problem?

Best Answer:

Dominic: 1) they made a mistake
2)they haven't read the meter yet
or 3) you accidentally paid too much on your past bills.

if they made a mistake and they suddenly fix if without realizing it, the future bill could be huge! say they don't see it for three months and you haven't said anything, you just end up having to pay for 3 months when they find it.

Other answer:

Call up your power company…
You leave in the high rise?? What the hell does that mean in English?
Why bother people who don't live in your building or even general area about this? Call up your power company.

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