Withdrawing money from bank account without an atm card?

I have a Chevy chase bank account and I lost my atm card, but I really need money. If I just walked into the bank and showed them my ID and had my social security number would they let me withdraw money or not?

Best Answer:

Ruth: Of course.. you don't have to just use your ATM card to withdraw money.. you just walk into the lobby and show your idea and say you want to make a withdraw from your account. They will ask for you account number or look it up in there system and give you the money. You need to report you card as lost though.. because bank lobbies are not open 24/7 like an atm is you do not want to get stuck needing money after hours.

Other answer:

If you go to the teller they can put your info in the system. You put your password in their machine and they will give you any amount you want. You will not be limited by the STM amount
Happy Gramps:
you will need a form of ID and you will need to cancel the stolen card ASAP
they should, but every bank has their own rules ………………….

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