Would 1,500 – 2,500 dollars be good enough to save up for moving to a different state on a budget?

I want to move somewhere and find a job, I'll stay at a motel room until I can get on my feet, and live on a tight budget,

Could I do it on 1,500 to 2,500 dollars?

Best Answer:

?: I would land a job first THEN move. That amount of money is poverty and you can EASILY spend through that just waiting for the hiring process to be completed.

Other answer:

It takes time to find a job, and still you will need a more permanent residence.
A couple of thousand, including travel costs, might work in some places but not others.
With a job, you are not paid by the day. It could take two weeks to get your first paycheck.
If rent is $700, you need $1400 up front typically.
Credit rating?
Sure seems tight to me. What kind of job experience in what field? Minimum wage jobs often aren't enough for your own apartment. Renting a room, the owner or other tenant can be very picky.

It depends upon too many things.

Even at a cheap motel, you'll blow through $1500 in a month just for housing. Search out job prospects and hotel prices for the area you're thinking of moving to. Your money will go further in the mid-west than NY or CA, but the job prospects may not be as good. You need to spend more time planning and saving.
If that is the total amount of your savings, the move would be foolish, downright stupid and irresponsible. If you have $10,000 or $15,000 saved and are allocating an additional up to $2,500 toward moving, then if you want to move, then move.
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