Would it be weird if I only put quarters into my piggy bank (coin savings)?

I know that ever coin adds up, but I think that having just quarters will make it easier for me to count them when it comes time to cash them. Is this a weird idea? Will it hinder me in any way?

Best Answer:

Sasha: Why would you need to count them, there's a nifty machine at the bank to do that for you…

Other answer:

I may hinder you because you will have other change in your pocket which you will use, thereby lessening the opportunities to get quarters as change.
Who on here would care what you do.?
I think it matters not in the least. These days you just take all the change and dump it into a coinstar machine. It sorts and counts for you. If you get a gift card instead of cash then you get 100% of what you put in.

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